Bruhm 12000 BTU Air Conditioner

Introducing the Bruhm BAS-12ICQB, a state-of-the-art 12000 BTU air conditioner designed to deliver exceptional performance and energy efficiency to transform your living spaces into a comfortable haven.

  • Inverter Smart Wifi AC
  • Metal Polished Indoor Panel
  • Ultra-Silence
  • Golden Fin
  • Fast Cooling
  • Eco friendly Refrigerant R32


Inverter Smart Wifi Technology

Inverter Smart Wifi Technology ensures that you’re always connected, allowing you to take charge of your home environment with just a few taps on your smartphone. No more adjusting settings manually or worrying about excess power consumption – simply set your preferences and let the BAS-12ICQB do the rest.

Metal Polished Indoor Panel

The Metal Polished Indoor Panel adds an elegant, premium touch to your interiors, blending seamlessly with your home decor. Its visually appealing design ensures that your AC unit is a stylish addition to your living space, rather than an eyesore.

Ultra-Silence mode

Experience absolute tranquility with the Ultra-Silence mode, which virtually eliminates noise disturbance. Whisper-quiet operation lets you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep or a stress-free work day, without interference from your air conditioning unit.

Golden Fin

With the Golden Fin feature, the BAS-12ICQB boasts enhanced corrosion resistance, resulting in improved longevity and reduced maintenance costs. Your air conditioner will stay in top condition longer, providing superior performance and reliability you can trust.

Fast Cooling

Packed with Fast Cooling technology, the Bruhm BAS-12ICQB ensures your room reaches optimal temperature in no time. Gone are the days of waiting impatiently for a comfortable living environment – the BAS-12ICQB adapts rapidly to your needs.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant R32,

In line with eco-friendly and sustainable living principles, the BAS-12ICQB utilizes Eco-Friendly Refrigerant R32, minimizing the impact on the environment. Enjoy guilt-free comfort knowing that your cooling solution is environmentally responsible, without sacrificing performance and efficiency.



Bruhm 12000 BTU Air Conditioner


Model No. BAS-12ICQB
I. Electrical Characteristic
Rated Voltage V-Hz-Ph 220-240V~/50Hz
Actual available operation Voltage range V 170-245V
Cooling Capacity W 3760(800-4000)
Power Input W 1320(400-1600)
Rated current A 6.0(1.7-7.1)
EER w/w 2.85
Energy Consumption kWh/yr.
Max. input consumption W /
MAX Power input W 1600
MAX Current Input A 8
II. Configuration
Indoor unit Noise Hi Setting dB(A) 41
Filter Yes or No Yes
Material ABS
Evaporator Fin Type Aluminum
Color Golden
Material Hydrophilic aluminium foil
Fan Speed Hi Setting RPM 1550
Mid. Setting 1270
Low Setting 990
Indoor air flow (Hi) m3/h 600
Indoor fan motor input W 27
Unit dimension (W*H*D) mm 761*295*200
Packing (W*H*D) mm 825*367*277
Net weight Kg 8
Gross weight Kg 9.5
Outdoor unit Compressor Type
(Rotary、Piston 、scroll)
Model Number GSX088BKQA6JT8
Capacity BTU or W ≥3155×98%
Noise level dB(A)
Condenser Fin Type Louver Fin
Color Golden
Material Hydrophilic aluminium foil
Outdoor fan motor input W 27
motor speed r/min 930
Unit dimension (W*H*D) mm 761*295*200
Packing (W*H*D) mm 825*367*277
Refrigerant Copper pipe Length Meter 3
Inner diameter Size mm 9
Tube Thickness mm 0.56
Net weight Kg 17
Gross weight Kg 20.5
Refrigerant type R32
Refrigerant charge g 400
Design pressure (Hi/Low) MPa 4.3
Plug type With Plug
Room temperature Indoor(cooling/ heating) <18℃
Outdoor(cooling/heating) >43℃
Application area (Cooling Standard) m2
Other specific feature 2D Swings / Golden fin
III. Package
Instruction Manual Y/N Yes
Warranty Card Y/N Yes