About Us

Welcome To Our Company

In an age where we are confronted with intensifying competition in the marketplace, BRÜHM is known to bring in delight to millions of African families by consistently presenting Technologically advanced yet affordable range of consumer electronics and Home appliances range of products. BRÜHM’s vision for the future is to become a brand that is loved, trusted, adored and admired by the African clan because of its assured robust product performance and ‘zero’ tolerance for failure in either of its its electronic products or services. A brand that is known for its safety features and the care it bestows on to the African consumer through sensible design and insightful features…Most of all, we want you to enjoy bringing the BRÜHM brand to life, so that we deliver prudent, inspired and performance centric products to African families, making these products a matter of pride for them.

Who We Are

BRÜHM is a consumer goods and technology company dedicated to providing products that save time, money and effort for the fast paced lives of our customers. Brühm products are designed with your family’s needs in mind 

Today’s rapidly developing world has improved the quality of life for many, but with positive change comes a new set of challenges. Our desire is to make even small moments special for families, while providing them with the tools they need to make their lives happier.

We may be a young brand, but we inherit a rich legacy of experience and are here to deliver the utmost value to your daily life. Being from a leading 3rd generation family business group specialising in Africa, we understand that needs and preferences change over time. We, therefore, commit to constantly anticipate, innovate, and create new products that are developed for long-lasting performance and will always leave you with a smile 🙂

How did it start?

It started with Ram Mohinani, the founder of Mohinani Group of Companies and his vision to be at the forefront of positive change across Africa. Over last 50 years, the Mohinani Group has grown into a diversified world-class group of companies with businesses and brands across the globe and with a penchant for innovation and market leadership.

Today, Brühm has offices located in Hong Kong, China, London, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. We have an in-house customer success team dedicated to ensuring our products are adding as much value as possible to each and every customer we work with.

Ram and Sheela Mohinani believe in empowering the lives of families through Brühm

A Message from Founder

“Our goal is for BRÜHM to enter into the hearts and homes of African families and eventually become their pride. We intend to become a brand that is loved, trusted, adored and admired by the modern African families because of our assured robust product performance and ‘zero’ tolerance for failure in products or services. Bruhm is a brand known for its safety features and the care it bestows on to the customer through sensible design and insightful features.”

– Ram Mohinani

Why We Will Succeed

Our competence lies in our rational and precise approach to crafting our products that deliver robust performance while meeting the needs and requirements of our discerning customers.

We strive to understand consumer’s perspective continuously and then incorporate our learnings for improving/adapting our products.

Above all, every product we create is always meticulously designed to add value to your home, and your family, thereby ensuring that we leave you with a smile 🙂