9 KG Front Load Inverter Washer with BLDC Motor

Bruhm 9 KG front load washer is powered by a BLDC inverter motor for superior energy efficiency. The large diameter glass door and 1200 rotations per minute offer a clear view of your laundry as it spins. The hydrodynamic texture ensures that your clothes receive the thorough wash they deserve, while the antibacterial window mats keep your washer clean. The premium design is sure to complement any home. The pre-wash one-click operation is perfect for quick and easy cleaning. The quiet and stable design ensures that your washer operates quietly and smoothly.

  • Inverter Front loading Washer
  • Powerful BLDC inverter motor
  • Large diameter glass door
  • Rotate speed 1200
  • Unique hydrodynamic texture
  • Antibacterial window mats
  • Rust free
  • Premium design